Rules & Regulations

Class Attendance Policy

All students must attend every class and practical lab classes for any course they are enrolled in. If a student fails to attend 75% of the classes, s/he will be disqualified for the course.

Evaluation System

All students must secure 75% in all oral, written and lab work assessments. Failing to do so will render them as ineligible for the certificate.

Transfer of Credits

ALSI gives students of other institutes the facility to transfer their academic course’s credit hours to our institution from any other accredited nursing institute.

Disciplinary Rules & Regulations

Students are expected to display exemplary conduct and discipline in the institute’s premises. Any student who is found indulging in any activity that does not abide by the rules of the institute’s policy would be administered a warning with fine or may result in getting his name being struck off from the institute. It is discouraged that the friends and family visit the student in academic timings other than the visiting hours. However, in case of emergency, this rule is waivered.


ALSI is a smoke free zone and any student found involved in the activity on campus limits would be penalized.