Dialysis Training Denver

Dialysis Technician Certification Classes


The course has been designed to train students to become professional Dialysis Technicians. This program includes rigorous training of the students for a tedious and responsible task ahead, i.e. hemodialysis. Through written education and practical drills of the 50-hour long course, we infuse the skills in you that are a must for taking the responsibility of being a Dialysis Technician.

The demand for such professionals is very high and they are employed in hospitals, healthcare units and outpatient clinics where they play a vital role as part of the dialysis team under the supervision of doctors, nurses and senior technicians.


Practical and Clinical Experience

The course does not have a national or state certification exam associated to it, nor does it offer clinical practical work as part of the program.


Upon successful completion of the Dialysis Technician training program, it is expected of the students to:

Grading Scheme

All students must secure 75% in all oral, written and lab work assessments. Failing to do so will render them as ineligible for the certificate.

Course Prerequisites

The students applying for this course must hold a high school diploma or equivalent certification.

Who Should Apply?

People who are interested in taking up Dialysis Technician as a career, or people who aspire to change their line of profession to Dialysis Technician should apply for this course.