Medical Transcription Course


Being one of the latest vistas in the field of healthcare and with a soaring demand of professionals in the field, ALSI brings you the Medical Transcription Course. Being one of the fastest growing occupations in the US, this course is designed to train students so that they can take up responsibilities of being an MT, who work at various medical settings such as physician offices, hospitals and outpatient clinics. Their job is to transcribe the dictated recordings of the physicians and healthcare personals into written medical reports that ultimately form the permanent record for a patient’s profile.

The course will introduce the basic human anatomy to the students along with a complete grasp on the knowledge of medical terminology. The students would be trained in transcription of medical reports, so they can obtain the skills that are mandatory for a basic-level medical transcriptionist.



Upon successful completion of the Medical Terminology/Transcription training program, it is expected of the students to:

Grading Scheme

All students must secure 75% in all oral, written and lab work assessments. Failing to do so will render them as ineligible for the certificate.

Course Prerequisites

The students must have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word with a recommended typing speed of 35 words/minute. The student should have command of the English language and grammar. Healthcare or medical office work is not required.

Who Should Apply?

People who are interested in taking up Medical Transcription as a career, or people who aspire to change their line of profession to Pharmacy Transcription should apply for this course.

Prescribed Course Content



All students would be provided with an Olympus AS 2000 PC Transcription Kit that plays in most commonly used audio formats like (.WAV or .DSS). The kit is compatible with both PC and Mac users with minimum system requirements of:

Windows 98 or later OR Mac OS 9.0 or later


25 MB hard disk space (additional space required to store voice files)

Display mode set to 800x600 pixels with 256 colors or higher

Double-speed CD-ROM

USB port or Serial port